Terms of Usage

When you shop on Harvest Ridge Farm website the following Terms and Conditions apply on the date of sale.  You are welcome to copy these terms so that you understand them.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.  When you place an order, we require your name, telephone number. email address, invoice address and payment details.  These details allow us to complete the order and contact you if any changes have been made to the order and ask permission for these changes.  We will send you emails or call you related to the order, including order confirmation and changes made.

Mailing Preference

If you would like to subscribe to our email list, we may use your email address to send you information related to gardening as well as interesting offers that we have available.  If you do not wish to be included on this mailing list please let us know through email.  You are also welcome to unsubscribe from receiving future emails.


All of the prices are in Canadian dollars and are accurate at the time published but may be subject to change.  If you place an order, than this constitutes an offer to our company to pay for goods and services at the current price advertised. 

These prices exclude delivery and extra packaging that might be required.  We do our best to keep prices fair, however if we experience increases than the customer also experiences increases. 

Products are subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time including after the order has been placed.  We will let you know if for some reason the order cannot be fulfilled at the earliest convenient chance that we are able.

If there is an error, and a product has been priced inaccurately, either as a unit or through a promotion, we will not supply you that item at the inaccurate price (i.e. $0.00)  In such instances, we will notify you of the correct price and ask you to confirm or decline your order regarding the item in question. Mistakes happen, and in the plant business, we are often caring for plants and not for errors made on computers.

The description, the quantity, the price and any added in delivery charges are set out on the order page.  We will confirm receipt of your order through an acknowledgement email.  We will accept the offer and then notify you whether we can complete all or part of the order.  

When we allow the order to be fulfilled, it completes the contract between you and us, upon dispatch.  Dispatch for our orders will be within a reasonable amount of time (1-5 working days)  provided the plant is in stock and sellable.  Unless we have notified you for any reason or you have cancelled the order prior to this time, the contract is completed when the exchange of the product takes place.

When we deliver a product by our vehicle, we can arrange to leave products in a prearranged location provided that the plants are not going to be damaged in unnecessary harsh conditions (i.e. freezing temperatures).  Please be accurate in describing where you would like the goods to be left when we deliver.  Harvest Ridge Farm cannot accept responsibility for products that are lost or damaged once the product has been delivered.

Delivery times are not guaranteed, but we will do our best given correct traffic and weather conditions to deliver as close as possible to the arranged time.   We deliver only within the surrounding areas of Ridgeway.  

Harvest Ridge Farm will strive to dispatch the order as close as reasonably possible to the time requested if any.

Plants in the plant description are full grown sizes and not the sizes at delivery.  Our plants are timed to be ready from the beginning of May to mid June.  When you purchase plants, you accept that there will be variations in size and shape.  There may even be changes in colour (there are many different types of pink).  The descriptions and other information provided are approximate and are for instructional and planning purposes only.  We may in our discretion make replacements and vary the good without notice to you, so long as these variations are not material alterations. 

For example, as mentioned before there are many types of plants within the same colour hue and one plant may be better than the one ordered.  Sometimes these slight replacements will be made without notice to you to in essence to provide you with a better plant based on availability and quality of plants in the greenhouse at the time.  

We will strive to supply all goods order.  Products and services can be marked unavailable at any time even after you have placed your order.  If your order or part of your order cannot be completed, we will let you know and refund the differences or all of the money.  

When an item becomes unavailable, we will not make substitutions unless we have your consent either by telephone or by email.  If this is not satisfactory, we will arrange to return your money.  Forms in which we return money can be credits, gift cards, partial or total refund depending on the circumstances. 

If you have changed your mind and no longer require the product please phone or contact us at 905 894-2305 within 3 working days from receipt of the goods.  You will have to provide your invoice or cash register receipt number.  Please contact us first, before returning an item.  Costs of delivery for a return will be the customers responsibility. 

Pick ups

Customers can pick up orders from Harvest Ridge Farm property.  We have long store hours during the season and appreciate every effort for pickups to be made during our store hours.

Plants should not be left in overly hot or cold vehicles.  Even 10 minutes too long in a car could prove to have serious consequences to a plant depending on how extreme the weather conditions are on that particular day.  You should consider a plant as any living thing when left in a vehicle to run other errands.

Care for Plants

Plants should be planted as soon as possible to the time of delivery or kept inside during harsh planting conditions like unexpected frost in early spring.  Many people "harden" plants before planting which means you take them outside during the day, and bring them into shelter at night to prevent freezing.  These procedure is very wise and prevents plants from going into shock due to sudden temperature variations.  Prepare your soil, planting beds or containers ahead of time so you are ready for the plant, when it is an appropriate time to plant (after the last frost date).  The last frost date on Ontario is around May long weekend so the week of the 20th in May give or take a few days. 


Harvest Ridge Farm will provide an equal replacement item if the customer agrees.  If Harvest Ridge Farm failed to grow true to variety for any reason other than failure by the customer to follow planting instructions, plant the product in suitable conditions and/or not taking care of the plant once it has been planted and/or severe weather conditions.  Harvest Ridge Farm will provide the customer with a full credit or refund if the company has decided and agrees to this condition.  

If the plant is hardy, we guarantee the plant for one year.  If the plant dies of natural causes up to one year from delivery, we will replace the plant free of charge.

All hardware items are guaranteed for a period of 3 months from receipt of the item.  

If the company is liable to repay any amount to a customer under these conditions, that repayment will be in the form of a credit note.  

Harvest Ridge Farm can charge an administration charge for a customer to provide proper payment and where Harvest Ridge Farm must  now incur costs to recover payment.  Further deliveries will be cancelled due to bad credit.  

We will keep your personal information safe for payment through Shopify.  The Shopify website encrypts data so that others cannot view the data.  We cannot be held liable if this third party system fails through unauthorized access to any data, including credit and account details you provide when using this online system.  We accept a variety of payment methods which guarantee your privacy on site like using cash. We trust the shopify platform in providing a safe and secure experience at checkout if you decide to proceed with online shopping.  

Shopify charges you when the order is received.  If the order cannot be fulfilled within 10 days,  then there are other outstanding issues like payment.  If a delivery is delayed further, than correct payment will be required for the order to proceed. 

Thank you for shopping at our online store.